How to Make the Most of Your Immigration Consultation

How to Make the Most of Your Immigration Consultation

When you are told that you need a consultation with an immigration expert, you probably think that it’s an unnecessary expense. Perhaps you believe that the question you have is too simple and could easily be answered on the phone without going to an actual consultation. Maybe it’s your loved one who has issues with their citizenship application, and you’re not sure whether a paid consultation is necessary. 

The truth is, consultations are an essential part of the legal process both for the immigration lawyer and the client. It’s a way to explain to the prospective client what they need to know and a way to get more information so they can be provided with the appropriate solution.

In this post, San Diego Immigration Law Office shares how you can make the most of your consultation:

Before the Consultation

Before heading for a consultation, you should prepare all the documents you need that are related to your immigration history. This could include previous petitions, notices from USCIS, passports, and any evidence of current immigration status in the country. If you have any criminal record or immigration issues, this should be presented to the lawyer as well. Depending on the type of visa you are consulting, you may also provide the attorney with your work portfolio.  It’s a good idea to make a list of evidence and questions so you can be sure that you won’t forget anything. 

During the Consultation

There may be a specific reason why you want to consult with an immigration attorney, but it’s important for the lawyer to get a complete picture of the situation. The lawyer will ask you questions regarding your history as well as your current immigration status. You may also be asked about your education, work, and past relationships, including marriages. 

You have to disclose everything that will affect your status or immigration application. Even if there are issues with Customs and Border Protection or a history of arrests, you have to be open about all of that, regardless of how far back those events occurred. After the attorney hears your story and understands the facts, the lawyer will recommend the right approach that will benefit you. 

Remember, you should also ask any questions you have in mind. This is the perfect opportunity to get clarifications about things.

After the Consultation

The initial consultation should be able to provide you with some answers or get an idea of the timeline that your case will take to be resolved.  If you are happy with the proposed solution, then you can proceed to an agreement with the lawyer. You’ll then sign a retainer agreement and pay the necessary legal fees. However, if you’re not satisfied, you can seek a second opinion from another lawyer. You can also choose to send follow-up questions to the lawyer if something is unclear, as long as the attorney has agreed to this.

It is important to remember that all immigration attorneys are obliged to provide the best advice and legal counsel to all of their clients. That means attorneys need to answer clients honestly whether or not that’s what the client wants to hear. 


Your choice of an immigration lawyer is going to play a big role in solving your immigration issues, and it should be taken seriously. Don’t just go for the cheapest lawyer you can find. Choose only a reputable attorney who has years of experience in immigration law. The consultation you’ll get is just as important because this will give you an idea of how you can best proceed so you can achieve your goals. 

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